FAQ – Pre-Owned Vehicles

Can I sell my car to Heyward Allen without buying a car from you?
• Yes, we will pay you cash for your car no matter the year, the model, the miles or condition.

If I sell my car to Heyward Allen, how do I get paid?
• We will write a check in your name contingent on a final inspection at our Dealership.

What documentation do I need to bring with me in order to receive my check from Heyward Allen Toyota?
• We will need driver’s licenses of the individuals listed on the title and we may need additional documents depending on whether you own the vehicle, have the title, or if there is a lien on your car.
• If you own the car free and clear with no lien holder, we’ll need the original title to the vehicle, with all listed owners present to sign it.
• State of Georgia resident and you are trading in your car, you must be listed as an owner on the front of the title. If you are not listed on the title, we will have to exclude your car from a trade transaction and we will need to buy your car in a separate transaction.
• If you have a payoff on your car, we’ll need to obtain a 20 -day payoff statement from your lien holder, we will also need a copy of your current year valid registration.

What if I get a better offer from another Dealer?
• Market values on cars change from day to day based on model supply, manufacturer incentives and what cars like yours, in a condition like yours, with mile like yours determine “current market value”. Whether you’re selling your car or trading it in, we always prefer to allow our Pre-Owned Department to physically inspect your car in order to give you the maximum amount for your car.

Will you still buy my car if I’m in a lease contract?
• Absolutely, we treat a leased vehicle the same way we treat a car with a conventional finance payoff. However, depending on the car, some manufacturers will not allow you to sell your vehicle before a lease expiration.

What if the value of my car is less than what I owe?
• No problem, in many cases the difference in what you owe versus your car’s value can be included your financing when you purchase another car from Heyward Allen Toyota. If we are purchasing your car, you will need to pay the difference between the payoff and the value at the time we purchase your vehicle.

What determines the value of my car?
• Real time market conditions, the year, make, model, mileage, and the Carfax history report. We inspect the condition of the car, including, major/minor defects, dings or dents, tire condition and mechanical issues. We also inspect the interior of the car. We test drive the car and make sure all equipment is functioning properly, including the engine, transmission, Air conditioning, brake system, power windows & locks, Sunroof, etc. The most important aspect of your car’s value are the appearance, maintenance history, and the overall condition.

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