Value Your Trade

A vehicle is one of mankind’s best friends and most valuable investments. If you have a car, truck, SUV, or van, you’ve always got some form of collateral or something of value in your life. When you need to turn assets into cash, Heyward Allen Toyota is happy to offer a trade-in or sell platform for your purposes.

Value My Car

If you’re planning a strategy to sell a vehicle, your first question is probably just how much is this vehicle worth. Anyone focusing on a “sell my car” deal is going to want to value that vehicle first thing before even considering parting ways with it. You deserve to get as much money as possible for all the money and time you invested in that vehicle each year.

Trade In Value

A trade in value depends on a number of factors, each one of them important to the bottom line offer you get in the end. If you’re trading in, a dealership like ours is often very generous with the value. It’s not entirely altruistic. After all, we’re going to benefit from getting your high quality vehicle and be able to restore it in our complete auto care center. Still, you are going to come out ahead here. The value of your trade will depend on several factors, including:

  • Condition (Interior, exterior, engine)
  • Popularity of the model you’re trading in
  • Willingness of dealership to negotiate value
  • Negotiable factors

A trade-in or sell should be negotiable with your dealer. If there’s a set in stone price, that can sometimes be good, too, but if you’re working with a high mileage model with a few conditioning issues, you’ll want a relaxed dealer who’s willing to look at everything the model could potentially offer when restored.

Sell My Car

Maybe you’re not looking for a new or used vehicle to trade. Maybe you just want to outright sell your vehicle to our dealership. We work with all customers on this goal, too. Our team is willing to assess the value of your vehicle and how much it might mean to our dealership in the future. Your vehicle still has value as long as it’s running. Many people look for budget models throughout the year, so don’t assume you can’t sell a fixer-upper vehicle to us. Our team of certified auto technicians are keen to those types of projects and can get your vehicle back into shape and useful to our customers.

Contact Heyward Allen Toyota

Your go-to place for trading in and selling your vehicle can always be our dealership. We welcome these types of trades and love getting more quality vehicle for our pre-owned and certified pre-owned inventory. Fairness is always first and foremost in our minds. We don’t stick you with just a single price but listen to you and really examine your vehicle for signs of value to our customers. Trust us with your next sell or trade-in. To inquire further about our trade-in and sell programs, just contact us by phone or online.