Heyward Allen Toyota Reviews 2018 Camry vs Kia Optima

September 1st, 2017 by

If you are comparing base edition prices, don’t be fooled. The Kia Optima doesn’t offer the value package you will find on the Toyota Camry. Let’s look at the difference in the two. Then you can see for yourself at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer near Athens GA.

Dash Tech Standards
The Optima doesn’t come with a standard touchscreen but the Camry does. It offers the Entune system with audio streaming and a rearview camera.

Safety Standards
The Camry has ten airbags, more than the Optima and most other rivals. While Optimas offer some crash avoidance features, the basic Camry has already included them in its purchase price. Toyota has made automation more affordable by standardizing an autobrake, a lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and self-regulating high beams. You won’t find these at the same price on the Optima. In fact, there are some that the Optima isn’t even offering yet.

The 2018 Toyota Camry once again has the Optima beat when it comes to spaciousness, too. Optimas have a sloping roofline that limits headroom for rear passengers. Perhaps that’s why the company also uses low-mounted cushions, a source of discomfort for taller riders.

The new Toyota Camry four-cylinder engine has 20 horsepower more than the Kia four-cylinder engine. This is another way that you get more in the Camry base package. In fact, Edmunds writes that the Kia has a shift-happy transmission and slower acceleration than it should. Furthermore, the Camry has excellent fuel economy. It earns 29 mpg city and 41 mpg highway.

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