Heyward Allen Toyota Reviews 2018 Toyota C-HR Spaciousness

March 29th, 2018 by

Is the Toyota C-HR big enough for you? Here are the details you need to get started. To find out for sure, climb aboard the C-HR at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer serving Athens GA.

How much room is in the cabin? Volume is 102.8 cubic feet. Passenger space is rated at 84 cubic feet. Toyota has given the back seat more room through engineering tricks. The chamfered headliner leaves more headroom. The scalloped seatbacks offer more kneeroom. Footwell cubbies let you stretch your legs more.

The C-HR cargo hold measures 19 cubic feet. Folding the back seat, you can utilize 36 cubic feet. The payload for people and gear is 835 pounds. A cargo cover is standard. Special compartments are in the sidewalls and under the deck board, offering you ways to organize and protect smaller items.

The C-HR claims 5.9 inches of ground clearance. A 17-inch turn circle ensures real maneuverability in tight places. The crossover is only 3,300 pounds, which helps with aerodynamics. Engineers added rear spoiler, a wind-cheating lower diffuser, and aerodynamic rear fins. Vortex generators and aerodynamic underbody panels help direct the wind.

With all of its aerodynamic aids and its lightweight build, the 2018 Toyota C-HR can do more with every horse under the hood. The 144-horsepower engine can save you money at the pump. Highway fuel economy is 31 mpg.

Special Details
Toyota has packed the interior with insulation to keep things quiet. For a smoother ride, hydraulic shock absorbers assist the suspension. Value your trade.

To learn more about Toyota’s newest crossover, talk to the staff at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer serving Athens GA.

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