Heyward Allen Toyota Reviews Yaris Safety

May 28th, 2017 by

The 2017 Toyota Yaris is a smart new car that is perfect for the commuter. You will find plenty of safety features on board. The car is available in a three-door or five-door model at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer Athens GA.
The Star Safety System is the first line of defense. Electronic systems work to ensure vehicle stability. As needed, the system may reduce the throttle, briefly lowering speed, to maintain the car’s trajectory on a curve. Electronic brake distribution also works toward this goal as it selectively brakes to even out wheelspin. Brake Assist improves stopping power when the car systems recognize an emergency. Working together, these systems insure traction in all kinds of weather.
Absorbing Impact
If the worst happens, the Yaris is built to redirect impact. The side body panels are made of high-tensile strength steel. Front and rear crumple zones absorb energy to keep it from reaching the cabin where it may cause passenger injuries. The collapsible steering column is made to absorb energy that may harm the driver. Value your trade.
Unlike many cars today, the Yaris has nine airbags. This spreads more protection where it is needed most. Careful calibrations ensure that these bags are deployed at the right time and only when needed. A special head-impact protection structure tries to prevent common head injuries. Toyota’s exclusive whiplash-lessening seats actually rise up as a passenger or driver moves forward. This then catches the rider, preventing common neck injuries. Find financing.
With all of these elements in play, you can be sure the 2017 Toyota Yaris is ready to keep you safe. Find your new ride at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer Athens GA.

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