Quick Comparison: Tundra vs Ram

August 11th, 2017 by

If buying a truck is on your to-do list, we recommend that you start with the 2017 Toyota Tundra rather than its rival Ram 1500. What makes the Tundra a more appropriate choice?

A Work Ethic
Tundras have a strong work ethic. The Tundra CrewMax, when properly equipped, tows 8,900 pounds vs the Ram Crew cab which tows only 7,100. That’s a big difference for those who haul for a living or who vacation regularly with a camper or boat trailer. Furthermore, the carrying capacity is 1,530 pounds in the Tundra vs 7,130 pounds in the Ram. Tundras also have deeper beds, beating the Ram by as much as two inches.

The Back Seat
If you are looking at two-row cabs, consider this. The Tundra allows back seat passengers to recline their seats. Your teens, adult friends or workmates will really appreciate that. Shoppers won’t find this feature in any Ram truck. Learn more.

The Airbag Count
While every other truck has six, the Tundra now has eight airbags. Of course it also has a very tough build. Like all Toyotas, the structure is designed to withstand impact and deflect dangerous force away from the passengers.

The Interior
The new Tundra definitely matches the Ram when it comes to quality. Higher trim levels bring you more amenities. The Tundra was the first to offer a wireless charger, for instance. At Heyward Allen Toyota dealer serving Athens GA, some shoppers just love the wood trim in the 1794 edition while others prefer the black leather seats in the Platinum trim.

Get behind the wheel at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer serving Athens GA.

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