Six Reasons to Test Drive a New Toyota Prius

January 19th, 2018 by

There are more reasons than ever to test drive the Prius. Let’s take a look at the most compelling. If you think of more, let us know. Stop by for a test drive and see the Prius for yourself at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer serving Athens GA.

Reason 1
Consumer Reports has included the Prius in its top ten best cars for 2017. The leading hybrid has earned its spot, and the magazine reviewers have recognized it for much more than its great fuel economy. Ready to save? Value your trade.

Reason 2
Fuel economy is as high as you can get without buying an electric car. At 54 mpg city and 50 mpg highway, it’s like an ongoing rebate on your purchase.

Reason 3
The new Prius has better handling than the older models. Consumer Reports praises it, writing that the Prius “handles more responsively and rides more comfortably”.

Reason 4
Priced affordably, you don’t have to mortgage your kids to pay for their ride. The Prius is priced to move.

Reason 5
Your safety concerns are addressed by the latest edition. A crash avoidance system is on board every Prius. A lane watch is tied to a lane assist. The forward collision warning and pedestrian watch are linked to an automatic braking system.

Reason 6
Driver aids are more advanced with the new Prius than any rival. Instead of basic cruise control, you get Adaptive Cruise Control to regulate speed in busy traffic. Your headlights can automatically dim to low beams, relieving the driver of the responsibility and ensuring maximum light as much as possible.

You can get behind the wheel at Heyward Allen Toyota dealer serving Athens GA.

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