The Toyota Military Rebate

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Toyota has gained an unbeatable reputation for their leadership in quality and safety across their full lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are an industry leader when it comes to customer service, offering many different incentive programs for those who deserve a reward. One of those many programs in the Toyota Military Rebate offered to military personnel, retirees, family members, and veterans.

The Toyota Military Rebate was designed to give back to those who have given their all for our country. Toyota takes great pride in our military and believes that they should be rewarded when purchasing or leasing a new Toyota vehicle. Returning to civilian life can prove to be a challenge or many military members and Toyota is here to help make purchasing a new car much easier.

Who Is Eligible For The Toyota Military Rebate?

The Toyota Military Rebate isn’t just available to current members of the US military, this program covers a wide range of individuals. This rebate is available to:

  • Current U.S. Military Personnel
  • Household Members Of Eligible U.S. Military Personnel (Gold Star Families Included)
  • Retirees Of The U.S. Military (Within 1 Year Of Retirement)
  • Veterans Of The U.S. Military (Within 1 Year Of Discharge)

Which Toyota Vehicles Are Eligible For This Rebate?

This $500 Military Rebate is available to be used on any new Toyota vehicle that is purchase or leased through a Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services.

What Are The Qualifications For The Toyota Military Rebate?

To qualify for the rebate, current U.S. military members, retirees, veterans, and household members must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for this $500 rebate. This criteria includes:

  • You Must Provide A Verifiable Proof Of Military Status Or Active Service At Your Time Of Purchase. This Can Include:
    • A Leave & Earning Statement
    • A Military ID Card
    • A DD Form 214, Certificate Of Discharge Or Release From Active Duty
  • Receive A Salary That Qualifies
  • Receive An Approval Of Credit By Your Toyota Financial Services Through A Toyota Dealer

How To Get Approved

To get approved for the Toyota Military Rebate, you must first look over the qualifications to make sure that you or your household member meets the qualifying criteria. Once you have established that you meet the qualifications, you can visit us at Heyward Allen Toyota to speak with one of our skilled associates. They will assist your with the Toyota Financial Services who will check your income and credit to make sure that you indeed meet the qualifications for purchasing or leasing a new Toyota under the Military Rebate. Once you are approved, you may pick out the Toyota vehicle of your choice and receive the $500 rebate once you make your vehicle purchase.

Purchasing or leasing a new vehicle is a large financial decision and Toyota wants to help our military personal in any way possible. The $500 Toyota Military Rebate is just one of the many ways that Toyota gives back to our military and helps them get into a new vehicle.

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