Toyota Dealership in Athens

June 1st, 2020 by

What makes Heyward Allen Toyota a premier auto dealer in Athens, GA? Our team doesn’t refer to themselves as part of the best dealership for no reason. It’s a standard that we are constantly reaching towards by taking care of our customers every day. Our past customers are proof that we have been able to set a high-quality standard of customer care and service. Of course, you can’t really take our word for it. But we know that the only reason we are the #1 Athens Toyota dealer by Google Reviews and DealerRater is that we helped our customers.

The quality of our dealership service starts with the caliber of our team, that’s why we hire the more experienced. We have experts in every category of our Toyota dealership near you. We knew that in order to serve the people of Athens with excellent service, we had to hire technicians that are certified and have a past of excellent service. We had the same process for hiring finance specialists and sales representatives. One of our goals is to be set up to help you with every kind of auto need, anything from getting you a loan to vehicle services and a test drive in a Toyota model. You will love working with the members of our team because they make the process fun and easy.

CPO Vehicles for Sale

Have you been searching through new or used Toyotas in Athens, GA? You may be struggling to find something because your budget won’t allow you to buy a new car, but the used vehicles you see don’t look reliable. At Heyward Allen Toyota, we have a selection of vehicles that fits right in the sweet spot of the two. You will love what you see in our inventory of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) cars at our auto dealers in Athens, GA. These models tend to fly under the radar, but they are some of the most value-laden options on our lot. Typically CPO vehicles are in a smaller price bracket than new cars, but they still have the quality of one. You get the value of a used vehicle with the reliability and modern features of a new Toyota. So, we can all agree that these CPO vehicles for sale fall in that perfect sweet spot.

A question that we often get about our CPO vehicles is what qualifies them to be certified by Toyota? The Toyota manufacturer places a lot of confidence in the quality and value of their cars. As you can imagine, the Certified Pre-Owned line of vehicles is no different. But how are they different from regular used Toyota cars? First of all, Toyota CPO cars for sale undergo a rigorous inspection with 160 points. That covers everything like aesthetic details. This means you will receive a car that looks, smells, and seems exactly like a new Toyota model. The carpets and seats are very clean; the dashboard has buttons, knobs, and infotainment centers in mint condition. The inspection always includes mechanical aspects of the vehicle as well. Everything from the brakes to the transmission and chassis is tested and need to be in like-new condition before we certify the car. We would love to show you these like CPO vehicles for sale at our Toyota dealership in Athens, GA, today!